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a proactive in-house minority & disadvantaged utilization program

The Lemartec Minority Program serves as a natural complement to our client’s minority/disadvantaged business enterprise (M/DBE) utilization goals for qualified business enterprises. Through this program, we put into immediate action our in-house pre-qualification initiatives, which focuses on attracting and identifying local small, minority, and disadvantaged firms.

Our goal is simple: To empower Minority and Disadvantaged businesses… connecting them with resources that will help them succeed.

As a minority owned firm ourselves, we are adamant in the promotion of these programs, and revolve our efforts around the specific needs of each client program. The foundation of our program is modeled after the National Council for Minority Business Enterprise, and typically revolves around the following six key areas:

  1. Increase jobs within the various disciplines and trades of the A/E/C industry.
  2. Minimizing global and domestic barriers and impediments, and promote the expansion of both global and domestic business opportunities.
  3. Improve industry related curriculum at institutions of higher learning, facilitating the entry of M/DBEs into such programs.
  4. Identify and leverage pools of capital, and methods for creating high value loan pools, that are tailored to M/DBE’s size, scale and capacity.
  5. Create strategies for collaboration amongst minority chambers, trade associations, and nongovernmental organizations.
  6. Establish requirements for a uniform and reciprocal M/DBE universal certification program.

Lemartec is a Proud Member of the SFMSDC

Lemartec is a proud member of the South Florida Minority Supplier Development Council.


The Lemartec Mentor-Protege Program is a proactive in-house minority & disadvantaged utilization programFor more information regarding our minority program, please contact our corporate office in Miami, Florida.