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LEED Consulting

We provide a comprehensive approach to greenify existing buildings… effectively increasing return on investment.  Our Economic Engineering team can help you realize a greater and faster return on your investment.

The importance of building GREEN is on the rise. Not only are a greater number of companies adopting a more ecologically responsible approach to their business practices and processes, but more and more consumers are demanding it.

LEMARTEC is a leader in sustainable practices, design and construction. We understand the environmental impact a building has on its surroundings and occupants, both initially AND over the life cycle of the building.

In order to meet sustainable design parameters, a building’s plan and construction must include built-in design features and materials that enhance

  • Energy efficiency AND renewable energy
  • Safeguard water and water efficiency
  • Conservation of materials and resources
  • Indoor environmental quality


LEED® Consulting Services:
  • In-house LEED® Accredited Professionals
  • Proud members of the U.S. Green Building Council
  • Project analysis to identify maximum possible points for LEED certification
  • Coordination of LEED requirements throughout design and construction phase to ensure strict adherence and compliance


Stage I – Assessment of current conditions
  • Building Systems
  • Building Envelope
  • Energy & Water Efficiency
  • Environmental Quality


Stage II – Program Development
  • Tailored Owner Program
  • LEED Certification Program
  • Waste Management Program
  • Recommendation of Sustainability Practices
  • Program Cost Analysis
  • Economic Engineering Analysis (including Tax programs)

LEED Consulting | Lemartec Engineering & Construction