With four decades in operation, our professionals maintain the first-hand and front-line experience necessary to help you plan, design, build and maintain your facilities

What We Do

Your investment serves as an important component of your overall business plan and represents a major operating expense that affects your bottom line. Our professionals have national and international experience in the turn-key delivery of industrial facilities and the know-how to help you plan, design, build and maintain the most cost-effective solution to reduce your maintenance and operation costs and increase your profits. Bringing you speed to market is our number one priority.  

Essentially, any process that requires an protective enclosure is a project that Lemartec can effectively deliver. Facilities of this kind include: paper mills, power generation, transmission and distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceutical laboratories, oil & gas, chemical production, waste to energy, renewables, material handling and mining, turbines and HFO generators, among others.

Our capabilities include

Recycling facilities

Vehicle maintenance facilities

Manufacturing and distribution facilities

Pulp & Paper Mills

Food & Beverage Plants

Pharmaceutical laboratories

Chemical production plants, among others

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It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend Lemartec...for your next heavy industrial design-build project. [ ] We met with and interviewed several local firms, but after comparing qualifications of the teams, and their experience with in-house design for industrial projects, our choice was obvious. We knew Lemartec was our best choice. [ ] It takes a special know-how to turn-key design and build heavy industrial project under strict guidelines... Lemartec has the expertise which is why I am confident in recommending them.
PortMiami Pre-cast Facility
Louis Brais / Project Executive / Bouygues Civil Works Florida


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