Construction Management

Construction Management

At Lemartec, we understand the industry beyond the technical level, focusing as much on building relationships that last than on building buildings that last. It is with this attitude that we have come to develop our unique ability to work with you and your team to materialize the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your construction or expansion needs.   

“We manage your project, so you can manage your business.” 

Through the years, we have gained significant experience in managing multi-phase, multi-site construction programs and single construction projects. We have created a framework through which every project is ensured success. The technology and internal processes we have established facilitate collaboration and communication among all project stakeholders.  

Under a Construction Management agreement, contractor and architect collaborate under separate contracts for the owner. As your Construction Manager, we are committed to working together with your architect from the beginning to identify design elements that will have significant cost implications on your project, and to offer you the most economical and aesthetically-pleasing solution. In addition, through a competitive bidding process at the subcontractor level, Lemartec serves your best interests from a fiduciary responsibility perspective.  In the process, Lemartec ensures that every subcontractor accepted into the bid will be properly licensed in their respective specialties and has been vetted previously to ensure the quality of the end-product is uncompromised.

Program Management 

Pre-Construction Services 

Value Engineering 


Cost Control and Subcontractor Selection

Permitting and Site Preparation

Structural Steel Erection/Installation

Equipment Procurement & Installation

Fully integrated QA/QC Program

Site-specific Safety Program

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